Finals Care Packages

One of the best gifts you can give a college student is a care package during stressful times. And what week is more stressful than the week before finals?

While a care package during finals week is greatly appreciated, a care package the week before can be even more helpful to students. The week before finals is packed with long-term projects being due, last minute readings, and a general feeling of panic for most students. You still have homework, readings, and projects, but you also have to fit in reviewing for your upcoming tests.

While some of my friends are experiencing finals right now (good luck Iowa State friends!) my finals are not for another week. There can still be time to give your favorite college student a care package, depending on where they go to school.

If you don’t know what to put into a homemade care package, or if you don’t have time to go out and buy all the supplies, here are some good online options.

1. For Brownie Lovers: Fat Witch Bakery

My freshman year of college, my mom bought me an 8 pack of their Fat Witch Brownies. They were absolutely delicious. So good that I bought some for my boyfriend a few weeks later, which he enjoyed. Though I may have eaten a few of his when I visited him. You can choose a variety pack or just stick to their original brownies. With 11 different types of brownies, you can find something for almost any sweet tooth.

2. Good Selection: Hip Kits

I haven’t personally used this website, but I have heard good things about it. There are tons of different options– healthy, candy-filled, exam themed, spirit packs. The website also has an entire list of toys and trinkets you can add to the care packages to help customize them. If I had found this website in time for my boyfriend to get his before finals, I definitely would’ve gotten him the Brain and Grain.

3. Exam Themed: Box-O-Box

While this package is a bit pricey, it has a lot of unique and helpful items for students cramming for exams. Not only is there candy, tea, baked goods, and other snacks, but it also includes pens, highlighters, a blue book, and other finals necessities. Started by college students who were sick of traditional care packages, Box-O-Box has been praised by many news organizations for interesting and quality boxes.

4. For Chocolate Lovers: Edible Arrangements Chocolate Covered Fruit

It was my best friend’s dream in high school to get an edible arrangement for her grad party. I have no idea what started the idea, or why she was so attached to it, but every time we watched the commercial, she was transfixed. Unfortunately her mom did not see the value in paying for fruit shaped into flower arrangements. While sending a college student a full edible arrangement is not the most practical thing, you can definitely send them some chocolate covered strawberries or apples. (Mom, if you’re reading this, take note). They are sweet but much more interesting than just plain old chocolate. Plus, we can pretend that we’re eating healthy– strawberries are still healthy even if they’re covered in chocolate, right?