Cooking Chicken in a Microwave

My dad and I were buying paper towels at the grocery store when we saw Ziplock Zip’n Steam Microwave Cooking Bags. I had no idea these existed, and my dad and I were very excited to try it. I was excited because it would be perfect for cooking real meals in a dorm, and my dad was excited because he is very easily excited.

We decided to start with a pre-seasoned chicken breast. You can get them at the meat counter at your grocery store. My local Hy-Vee had buffalo chicken, garlic, and Italian seasoning. We chose Italian seasoning and decided it would be good on a salad.

After three minutes, one piece of chicken was cooked all the way through. I must say, it was not the most appealing chicken I had ever seen. It had a grayish tint to it, and it obviously was not able to get the char that I am used to on my chicken. My mom, who decided not to partake in this experiment, was quick to tell us how nasty the chicken looked.

We were not going to abandon this experiment though, so we ignored her remarks. Once the chicken was cooked the rest of the meal was super easy: we just cut the chicken up, put it over lettuce with carrots, red cabbage, and cucumber, chopped up an apple and added it in, and topped it all off with walnuts. I used raspberry vinaigrette and my dad used Italian dressing.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our salads. The chicken tasted much better than it looked.

Not only was this meal delicious, but it was cheap and extremely simple. Even my brother, the guy who messed up boil in a bag rice (he took it out of the bag), could use these Ziplock Zip’n Steams. The chicken cost $1.66 for a pre-marinated breast.

While not every college student keeps chicken in their mini-fridge, if you knew ahead of time that you wanted to make a real meal in your dorm, buying some Zip’n Steams is a good idea.


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