Easy Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast foods.

It is nearly impossible for me to eat just one bowl of cereal at a time. I cannot get enough of bacon, egg, and cheese bagels or scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese. Hashbrown casserole is the greatest thing my school’s dining center has to offer.

However, my love for breakfast food often conflicts with my love for sleeping in. I am very serious about my sleep. Not once in my college career have I pulled an all-nighter. The least sleep I’ve ever gotten since I’ve been in college is probably 6 hours. I do everything possible to not have to stay up late on school nights.

Even though I don’t stay up late, I also don’t wake up early. If I have a class that starts at 9:30, I will wake up at 9:00. Maybe 8:50 if I wake up before my alarm. If I wake up at 8:35 or even 8:40, I will go back to sleep to try to get those extra minutes.

I am trying to change my ways. My schedule of classes and work makes it impossible for me to eat lunch before 2:30 on the days my classes start at 9:30. Without breakfast that time is torture. Even if I bring a granola bar to class, by 2:30 I am always so hungry that I eat way too much for lunch. The other day I looked at my plate full of a sandwich, two types of pasta, crab rangoon, and a salad and realized something had to change.

So I’ve begun waking up slightly earlier to eat breakfast. I still don’t get up early enough to walk to the dining center and eat there. But I get up early enough to eat a bowl of cereal, fruit and yogurt, or my new favorite, the peanut butter, banana, strawberry, and granola wrap.

I found the idea for that wrap on Pinterest and wanted to make it right away. I kept putting off going to the store, and then I completely forgot about the idea until my parents sent me back to school with tupperware after tupperware of leftover fruit.

I am not a huge jam/jelly fan, so I left that out. I also didn’t use the Flatout brand flat bread, I just used whole wheat tortillas I had in my fridge already. Spread the tortilla with peanut butter, put cut bananas and strawberries on top, and sprinkle with granola. Roll it all up and that’s it. It is a delicious and filling breakfast that is quick enough to eat before classes in the morning.

Another idea I’ve seen is spreading a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly and then wrapping the tortilla around a whole banana. Cut into small pieces and you have “breakfast sushi.” I haven’t tried that one yet, but for people who like peanut butter and jelly, it sounds like a great idea.


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