Easy Fruit Dip

One of my favorite things about being in college is the fact that when I come home, my parents almost treat me as a guest. Almost being the key word. They’re excited enough to have me home that they take me shopping or to make my favorite meals, but I’m still their kid, so I still end up having to take out the trash or do the dishes. This Easter, I managed to convince my mom to forgo our traditional dinner of ham and instead make brunch.

I didn’t think she would go for it, but she did and it was delicious. We had quiche, hashbrown casserole, muffins, orange juice, and fruit. Tons of fruit.

That night, I found a recipe for fruit dip. It seemed perfect. We already had far too much fruit for three people to eat. It was conveniently cut up for me. I decided to make the dip.

Then I realized my parents didn’t have all the ingredients.

And I was too lazy to drive to the store.

I’ve mentioned the need for substitutions before. This time I was at the mercy of my parents’ fridge and pantry as opposed to the drawer in my dorm. The recipe I found used raspberry cream cheese, lemon yogurt, and marshmallow fluff.

My parents had honey nut cream cheese, raspberry and lemon yogurt, and whipped cream. I used the same amount of cream cheese as the original recipe (1/2 cup) and added double the amount of yogurt. I also added about 1/2 a cup of whipped cream.

What came out looks much different than the original recipe. I think the marshmallow fluff really would have changed the consistency. Though you can’t really tell in the pictures, mine was thicker and much sweeter than yogurt.

I really enjoyed it. Sometime I’d like to try the original recipe, but for my late night fruit dip craving, this was more than acceptable.

What I really like about both of these recipes is how versatile they are. You can take almost any flavor of cream cheese (though I’d stay away from ones like garden veggie) and mix them with almost any flavor of yogurt. It can be strawberry-kiwi or raspberry-blueberry. Whatever flavors suit your taste best.


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