Ramen Upgrade

A few months ago, I was feeling pretty sick. My throat hurt, my nose was runny, and my body ached. I asked my mom what I should eat for dinner, and she tried to convince me to eat some soup. I am not a fan of soup. The only type I tolerate is Lipton Noodle Soup, and I only ever ate that when I was a kid staying home from school.

I went to the convenience store in the dorms, hoping there would be something similar to noodle soup. None of their soup selection looked at all appealing to me, so I decided to try some Ramen noodles. It was cheap and I’d heard so much about it that I felt like trying it was necessary. I was actually pretty excited to try it out.

I hated it.

It was flavorless and runny. I was ready to write off Ramen noodles completely. That was until I found this recipe from Martha Stewart for Ramen with a peanut sauce. I’ve seen other recipes for peanut sauce with Ramen, but I like this one the best because it requires the least amount of ingredients.

All you need is Ramen noodles, noodle flavoring, chunky peanut butter (I used creamy because it was all I had on hand), Sriracha chili sauce, and soy sauce.

I didn’t follow the measurements from the website, I just guessed and kept adding more of each until it tasted good. And it tasted great. This recipe redeemed Ramen noodles for me.


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