Ironed Lunchables?

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a blog post about how to heat up Pizza Lunchables.

In elementary school, most of my friends were food snobs. Well–as much as 10 and 12 year olds can be. They refused to eat ‘hot’ lunch (a.k.a. the lunch the school cooked). They always brought in their own ‘cold’ lunches. My parents did not pack me my lunches and I was too lazy to do it myself. Plus, I honestly enjoyed the square pizzas, the beef and cheese nachos, the Italian dunkers. My friends always looked at my meal in disgust. They’d tell me it looked like puke or that the cheese looked like plastic. Whatever, I liked it. Or I at least tolerated it.

The one time I brought my own lunch I forgot to bring my leftovers home with me. They sat in my locker for over a month. When I finally cleaned out my locker, the entire hallway smelled and everyone hated me a little bit for it. So really, it was for their own good that I ate school lunches.

Anyway, this was all a long way to say this: I envied Lunchables kids. Sure, I enjoyed a lot of the school lunches. But fish sticks? Not for me. I had to eat salad on those days. Not like my friends whose parents got them Lunchables though. No, they got to spend their meal putting ham and cheese on crackers or spreading pizza sauce perfectly with that little red stick. I wanted to spend my lunches that way. Looking back, I’m not sure why I didn’t envy the kids whose parents packed them apples and soup and Oreos. Elementary school logic dictated that Lunchables were cooler, I guess.

I hadn’t had a Lunchable for years. However, for the sake of this blog, I tried one. I’m going to be honest– I didn’t dislike the experience. It was not great, but it was satisfying enough. Though they don’t give you those red sticks to spread the sauce around anymore.

The post from Slice recommends using a blow dryer and an iron to get the crust crisp and the cheese melted. I tried the iron, but since I didn’t have any foil, my crust just got warm. There was no crisp to it. And even on the lowest speed, with pepperonis on top to act as weights, my blowdryer just blew the cheese off my pizza and all around my room. I tried the first two pizzas using an iron and blowdryer, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I gave up and ate the third one cold.

If you feel more confident, it is definitely worth a try! Neither of my first two pizzas were ruined. They just had a little less cheese than normal.


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