Substitute Sandwich

The dining center at my school seems to just give up on the weekends. Saturday lunch and dinner is mediocre at best and the dining center only serves food until 2:00 pm on Sunday. My boyfriend was visiting and we didn’t want to go out to lunch, but I also didn’t want to subject him to the weekend food at the dining center. I was browsing Food Gawker and found a Turkey Focaccia Club recipe and decided that was exactly what I wanted for lunch. He agreed that it sounded good, so we left my dorm to go buy groceries.

I don’t have a car with me at school, so I have never driven around my campus. I realized once we were already in his car that I had no idea where the closest grocery store was. We knew where the closest Target was, so we went there. That’s when I found out how limited the grocery selection is at my local Target.

Instead of focaccia bread, we had to buy a loaf of French bread. They had no gouda, so we decided to try muenster. My boyfriend doesn’t like cranberries, so we bought jalapeño mustard. And to top it all off, when we made our sandwiches we forgot to cook the microwave bacon we bought.

Cooking in a dorm has limitations. Sometimes things need to be left out from recipes or the directions need to be changed. Sometimes substations need to be made, especially if there is an ingredient that is only needed for that one recipe. I ended up giving my boyfriend the mustard to take back to school with him because I have no room in my fridge for single use items.

Despite all the substitutions we made, our sandwiches were delicious. Maybe next time we’re at his apartment with access to a full grocery store, we will make the original recipe we craved. But for that afternoon, our substitute sandwiches were good enough for us.



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