Healthy Snacks and Getting Back in Shape

I ran track from 4th grade to my senior year of high school. That is 9 seasons of sprinting. My first season was full of excitement and passion. My final season was a mixture of nostalgia and apathy.

Despite my dislike for running by my senior year, it at least kept me relatively in shape. My high school years consisted of me getting into shape from February to May and slowly falling back out of shape from June to January.


Once I went to college, I didn’t even have those three months of exercise. Medicine ball workouts, sprint cycles, campus miles, dynamic runs–they were all gone. I loved it my freshman year. I loved walking to class when it was 30 degrees outside and not worrying about whether or not I would have to run laps in the school parking lot since it was warm enough for our coach to make us run, but cold enough that the track was still covered in ice and snow. My first year off was just as exciting as my first year of track, back when I was 10.

However, this year I’ve decided to get back in shape and to stay in shape. While I was lucky enough not to gain the ‘Freshman 15’ my freshman year, I let not having strict workouts to abide by mean not working out at all. So I’ve begun running again. I tried to run my usual neighborhood route over spring break and realized I couldn’t even do that. I tried to do a typical sprinter workout, and I hurt my hip. So I’ve been taking it slow. But no matter how slow I’ve been taking it, I still get extremely hungry after running. I want to eat everything in sight about twenty minutes after my workout.

According to this article from Shape Magazine, that is completely normal and healthy. The article suggests eating a full meal with protein 45 minutes after working out. Unfortunately, the way my classes and work shifts are scheduled mean that I am not able to workout until 8 or 9 at night. Having a full meal afterwards is not an option for me.

So I’ve decided to put together a list of snacks that are easy to keep in a dorm and healthy enough to not feel bad about.

1. Bananas, strawberries, or whatever fruit you enjoy
2. Crackers with peanut butter
3. Cereal
4. Yogurt with granola
5. String cheese
6. Nuts
7. Cottage cheese
8. Dried fruit
9. Carrots or celery with peanut butter
10. Unsalted, unbuttered popcorn


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